Friday, January 2, 2009

My First Blog.

I always longing to have my own blog. It's just a matter of time. Thank you Farah! You're the one that make me feel like having a blog. hehe.. But, there's so much things to learn about this whole blogging thing. Do leave your comments or any suggestions at my blog ya!


  1. wah3!!
    dh publish blog x bitau sy pn ehh..
    btw,keep it up darl~!!!
    mmg mkn mase ntuk memeriahkn n m'ceriakan our blog as well..
    but enjoy xploring other's blog first..then u'll find ideas 2 improve yours..
    *itulah yg sy apply first2 start blogging dlu taw!* hee.. =)

    chaiyok2 tikah!!!

    n yeahh~ i'm ur first follower!! heheh.. ;)

  2. salam tikah..
    ingat ain lg tak???
    slamat membzkan diri anda dgn blog!!!
    i'm addicted to it!!!
    rjn2 la visit my blog :)