Friday, February 6, 2009


My family n I ( together wif my cousin who spent a week at my house) went to Bukit Tinggi last week. Wut an exciting trip.It was actually our second time being there. We played bowling at Berjaya Hills Bowl. Seronok sgt.. bkn ape, I scored the highest one. hehe.. But my mum starled us. For our second game, she managed to beat me.( Even abah pn surprised.hehe) Yeah, you go mum! strike sokmo. he.. After dat, we went to rabbit park. I'm not dat interested to go there. Somehow, since my little sis persuaded us to bring her there, we have to. She looked so happy playing with the rabbits. Running here n there trying to catch some of the rabbits.haha.. Next, we went to Colmar Tropicale. Yup, it was a photo time. Snap2!! I juz love dis place. My sis+cousin n I went up to one of the towers n started taking some photos. ( well, mybe lots of photos up there.=p) Although all of us were tired, yet we were so elated spent a day at Bkt tggi.=)